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Bespoke Software Solutions

Bespoke software can take your business where off the shelf simply can not. To maximise business efficiencies and competitive advantages software should not dictate your business processes. At GJG we can assist you across a broad spectrum of platforms and interfaces. From industrial HMI units and Firmware programming, through to web-based applications driven by databases with a comprehensive CRM system at the front, including customer portals.

Built and Maintained to your Exact Specifications

All projects are carefully managed under ISO 21500 to ensure requirement specification is exactly met. We are able to offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) for ongoing and future requirements, including periodic maintenance and continual improvement.

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Industrial Systems

Industrial systems can be, by their nature, very complex systems. At GJG we are experts in uderstanding the complexities involved with effectively integrating systems together using industry recognised standards and protocols.
SCADA systems, which includes hardware and software are used to monitor and control industrial systems, often remotely over the internet.
PLCs form part of the SCADA system and are used to continuously monitor the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices. A HMI presents data, often in graphical form to an operator who can then easily monitor and control the process.
GJG can either integrate with your existing SCADA, PLC and HMI systems or design and install as part of an overall control solution.

Web, Cloud and Database Systems

Bespoke software solutions don’t have to be complex or expensive, they can start with simple web-based portals that provide additional functionality to your website. They can of course be expanded to include more complex databases, whether you require Design, Development, Migration, Integration or analytics. Each part of the project can be bespokely made to your exact requirements. Bespoke software allows staff to be freed and refocused onto core business tasks.

  •   .NET Environment
  •   C and C++
  •   Visual C++
  •   Profibus
  •   Controlnet
  •   Ladder Code
  •   Devicenet
  •   PHP
  •   Java
  •   HTML/CSS
  •   SQL
  •   Mitsuibishi PLC

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GJG can provide a tailored solution to your business needs; we can develop firmware, OS and drivers for your applications and full project.

Web and Cloud

Web and Cloud

A web application can allow convenient in-the-browser access to your business solutions via a variety of devices and platforms.

HMI with Video

Industrial Software

Our software developers work alongside our hardware designers, ensuring that your industrial software is matched perfectly to your project.

Creating the Difference

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