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Conceptual Ideas through to Mass Production

At GJG our electronics engineers are passionate and dedicated allowing us to can work alongside your own engineering department or work as a standalone capability. Whether your product needs digital or analogue circuitry, or something more complex such as an embedded microcontroller or microprocessor, we can offer assistance to your project at almost every level, from initial concept schematic designs through to volume production in virtually any capacity.

We have a great deal of experience with circuit design, simulation, analysis and production for a variety of applications in a wide range of sectors. Whether you require a full project undertaking or simply require us to produce a small part or modify the project, all work is carried out to stringent standards, ensuring all projects provide a cost-effective solution to meeting the required specifications. We work closely with the customer throughout the project lifecycle, especially so during the early consulation stages to ensure that we identify all the design requirements and technical specifications from the offset.

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Initial Designs to OEM Support

Many of our customers use us as their R&D department, allowing us to develop the product, full documentation and even the packaging whilst they concentrate on marketing and selling the product. We can be used as best fits your needs, from one-off prototype for development and small batches to full scale production and/or hand-off to mass production, we are even able to work along side your own engineering teams in your projects to produce small parts or even just the design and CAD drawings. Should you also require, we are able to provide OEM customer technical support for the end users.


We are not only able to develop the embedded software for projects using our Software Development teams, but we are also able to specify and build the associated hardware. Through our design process we select the most appropriate platform to use, whether that be 8, 16, 32 or 64-bit controllers and also the correct software and OS for the task.
Some of our specialist areas include:

  •   Analog/Digital Hardware Design
  •   ADC & DAC Circuitry
  •   Multi-layer PCB Design
  •   Sensor Interfacing - Humidity, Temperature, Speed, Depth, Pressure, Wind, Bearings, GPS
  •   SMT and Flex Circuit Design
  •   BGA Circuit Design
  •   Bus Interfaces
  •   Communications - WiFi, GSM and PSTN modems, Zigbee, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, RS232/485/422, CAN bus, Device Net, USB host and device, SPI/I2C
  •   RF Circuit Design
  •   Low Power Circuitry
  •   Electromechanical Solutions
  •   Turn Key Solutions
  •   Drone and UAV Control Systems
  •   Motor Drive Products
  •   Power Electronics
  •   Acceditation - ATEX, UL, FCC, CE and EMC
  •   Optoelectronics - LCD, LED, OLED, TFT, Capacitive and Resitive touchscreens, display drivers
  •   Instrumentation and Communications

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Circuit Board

Schematics and PCB

Even working with minimal information such as PCB dimensions, inputs and outputs we can produce full schematics and PCB layouts for you. We can supply the full range digital files in a range of formats that you require. Bareboard tested PCBs can be supplied within 48hours.

Prototype Board

Single and Short Runs

We have no minimum order quantity and welcome short production runs including full population. We can prototype, functional test and prepare and organise a full schedule for accreditation from our associated testing houses (such as EMC, ATEX, UL and CE).

Full Production Board

Full Production

Using our design knowledge and purchasing power we can supply cost effective production runs of fully populated and tested units. We will readily accept free issue components for your project and if required can compile BOMs ready for issue. We work for the best solution for our customers.

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