• The Design

    A market leading shelving manufacture wished to reduce the cost of their shelving control system and increase the capability. With GJG's expertise and experience with control systems, we were able to offer a cost effective replacement and increase the customer's market share.

    The design focused on bespoke electronic design as well as purpose designed software. GJG worked with the customer's own shelving engineers to understand what was required. We were able to suggest improvements to the basic system and offer a number of control system versions, including systems that could be safely operated members of the public with no prior training and systems for use in outdoor environments.
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Integration and Control

The new control system represented a leap in technology and capability for powered shelving. Shelf movements could be controlled from a touchscreen incorporated into the end panels or remotely from podium stands. Integrated databasaes allowed users to automatically open the systems to a specified aisle by scanning items and the location of the item to be illuminated by a series of lights.

Previous versions required extensive user training to allow operation, a new version of the control system was released, that was so safe it allowed members of the public to use the system with no prior training. The best example of this can be seen on the 4th floor of Manchester Central Library.

Engineering And Design

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