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About GJG Ltd - Integration Specialists

We are GJG Ltd, specialists in technology integration since 1998. We love creating solutions to engineering problems, whether they be electrical, electronic or mechanical. We are very proud that we can work within all of these disciplines. We have been in business since 1998 so we must be doing something right. We value our customer relationship and belive we provide a personal touch to every project; we like to believe that we can assist you in your business processes. What is of benefit to you is of benefit to us, we will work alongside you to maximise your output and deliver to your customers.

Engineering Excellence

We know engineering, every one of our engineers and technicians are highly skilled and we know all of our systems inside-out. This means that our customers get exactly what they require.

Engineering Experience

We have been around for almost two decades and have experinces over a wide area of engineering, which goes into every project. We love to design innovative engineering solutions to your projects and work alongside you at every stage.

Engineering Challenge

We love to be challenged! We are all passionate about our projects and relish the next challenge from our customers.

Engineering Design

Dieter Rams of Braun and Visoe fame, stated that design cannot be measured in a finite way. He defined his own principles of what he considered good design. At GJG we endeavour to follow his guiding principles to produce exceptionally well designed bespoke products. Read more about Dieter Rams' ten principles of good design

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