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  • Engineering Excellence

    Some problems demand unique solutions and that means a team of highly specialised and passionate engineers. GJG is widely regarded as a leader in providing bespoke and innovative system solutions which encompass the Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Fabrication and Software environments.

    What we do

    Conceptual Ideas Initial Design Prototyping Production Support

    Do you have an idea to develop a new product or simply wish to develop an existing product to make it cheaper and more efficient? We can assist you at every step of the way, from conceptual ideas through to ongoing maintenance programs.

    Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

    Printed Circuit Board Design, Manufacture and Assembly (PCB/PCBA)
    Electrical/Motor Control Panel Design and Manufacture.
    Mechanical Design/Product Design/Re-Engineering.
    Control Systems
    Bespoke Software
    Turnkey Product Development and Manufacture.
    Metal/Plastic/Wood Moulding and Fabrication.
    Complete end-to-end Product Design, Manufacture and Development.
    2D and 3D Modelling and Visualisation.
    Post Contract Support.
    Non-Disclosure Agreements if required.
    Compliance Testing and Assurance CE/UL/ATEX/EMC
    Continual Product Support and Maintenance Agreements

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About GJG Electronics Ltd

GJG has over 18 years experience in developing a vast range of diverse products. Many of the systems we have devloped on behalf of our customers are in daily use many years after inital manufacture.

Everything we do is bespoke and custom made for our customers. We work closely with them to understand their business areas and then apply our extensive engineering experience and knowledge to produce products and components that excel expectations.

Our engineers have the expertise to combine elements from multiple engineering disciplines to produce a product whose parts work in harmony with each other.

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What we do





  • Ten Principles for Good Design

    Good design cannot be measured in a finite way, Dieter Rams (Braun and Vitsoe) set about expressing the ten most important principles for what he considered good design. At GJG we strive to design and manufacture our bespoke products that meet with his ten principles.

    Good Design is Innovative

    Good Design Makes a Product Useful

    Good Design is Aesthetic

    Good Design Makes a Product Understandable

    Good Design is Unobtrusive

    Good Design is Honest

    Good Design is Long-Lasting

    Good Design is Thorough Down to the Last Detail

    Good Design is Environmentally-Friendly

    Good Design is as Little Design as Possible

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